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Cryptonix Softwares

Cryptonix Softwares

Software and Gaming development ,Heavy weight graphics design and UI/UX

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Company Project, as the Lead Developer

Short Explanation

Cryptonix Softwares is a development company,helping companies automate daily work flow. Technology is evolving first,At Cryptonix Softwares we are helping build high-end solutions to automate how businesses run daily services.

Key Points to Note:

  • We are still developing the platform to meet users requirements.
  • To see whats changing please keep on checking our platform.
  • We are currently supporting only github sign ups.

Some features including:

  • ⚡ Creating Account
  • ☝ Managing Account
  • 💨 Improved walkthrough docs
  • 🌑 Dark theme
  • ➕ Blogging with MDX
  • 💠 Payment plans
  • 💅 Payment managment

Project Goals

Building a platform that gives users better user experience.

Homepage dark and light theme


Posts Page

Once a user log in they are able to see the posts page where they can add up to 3 posts on free trial.


Billing Page

Users are able to manage their billing here.Upgrading account is available here.


Settings Page

Users can manage their profiles here.


What we have done so far:

  • Log in with github
  • Account Creation
  • Adding posts