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Light Riders

Light Riders

A platfrom for bikers or anyone interested in sharing their experience in biking world.

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Team of 2, as the Lead Developer

Short Explanation

To understand the platform please read this: LightRiders is a platform for bikers or anyone interested in sharing their experience in 'biking' world. There's a lot that happens to our riders out there and we as the community want to make it easy for riders to share their experience on this platform. This platform is purely open source giving opportunities to the community to help build a better platform with a great user experience.

To contribute to this platform please fork the respiratory, make changes the push them with an explanation of what you have changed.

Alternatively, Users who want to contribute to the project through suggestions can open up an issue in the issues section.

Discussions are open!!

What we are trying to Achieve:

  • Adding Pages and Content
  • Add MDX
  • Dark mode
  • Add Signup/Login


These are the features we are incorporating:

  • ⚡️ Next.js 13
  • ⚛️ React 18
  • ✨ TypeScript
  • 💨 Tailwind CSS 3 — Configured with CSS Variables to extend the primary color
  • 💎 Pre-built Components — Components that will automatically adapt with your brand color
  • 🃏 Jest — Configured for unit testing
  • 📈 Absolute Import and Path Alias — Import components using @/ prefix
  • 📏 ESLint — Find and fix problems in your code, also will auto sort your imports
  • 💖 Prettier — Format your code consistently
  • 🐶 Husky & Lint Staged — Run scripts on your staged files before they are committed
  • 🤖 Conventional Commit Lint — Make sure you & your teammates follow conventional commit
  • ⏰ Release Please — Generate your changelog by activating the release-please workflow
  • 👷 Github Actions — Lint your code on PR
  • 🚘 Automatic Branch and Issue Autolink — Branch will be automatically created on issue assign, and auto-linked on PR
  • 🔥 Snippets — A collection of useful snippets
  • 👀 Default Open Graph — Awesome open graph generated using OpenGraph, fork it, and deploy!
  • 🗺 Site Map — Automatically generate sitemap.xml
  • 📦 Expansion Pack — Easily install common libraries, additional components, and configs